W≈3≈W-Switzerland is a recognized development NGO, free of any political or confessional ties

In 1994, three retired Swiss engineers and a development expert came together to develop the Swiss-PEP, a rust-resistant, pedal-powered irrigation pump which was both low in cost and made with locally-available materials, allowing it to be manufactured in the host developing country. For their pioneer innovation, the team received the first “Impulse Prize” of the Emmen township (Canton of Lucerne). This prize was a building block in the first of Anton Kohler and André Zumstein’s initiated projects in India.

Since then, the demand for Swiss-PEP in developing countries has continually increased. As a result, the association “Water for the Third World” was founded in 1998, bringing together in joint collaboration donors, private business sponsors, public institutions and legal entities. W≈3≈W today works together with partners in 11 countries.

The association’s work is carried by its voluntary members who, together with the small management team, assure the progressive distribution of the Swiss-PEP in agricultural development programmes so that the greatest number of people can be freed of hunger and poverty.